About Us

If you’ve lived in the Miami area for a bit and enjoy amazing food, chances are you’ve heard the name Randazzo’s.

Marc Randazzo grew up on the North side of Chicago in a predominantly Italian neighborhood. He recalls growing up how the smell of a bubbling stove made him feel: “Man, there was nothing like coming home from school to the smell of real, authentic gravy simmering in the kitchen.”

Marc went on to join the Marine Corps, where he learned the discipline that would end up carrying him to become a World Boxing Cruiserweight champion, training under the legendary Angelo Dundee. Known in the boxing world as “The Chicago Shaker,” Marc retired with an impressive 29-1 record.

When it came time to hang up his boxing gloves, Marc returned to his first passion: food. His self-proclaimed Italian-American cuisine is wonderfully authentic and uncomplicated.

Business partners and operators Marc (Chef) and Yesenia Randazzo
Business partners and operators Marc (Chef) and Yesenia Randazzo

Located in the heart of Key Biscayne. His first two locations of Randazzo’s Little Italy were a huge success with an incredibly loyal following. Locals and tourists alike seemed just as interested in chatting with Marc and his wife Yesenia, who are always present, than they were in the food. He was consistently featured in print and television, and his unique cuisine caught the attention of celebrities from all over the world.

“My wife Yesenia and I are a team. I run the kitchen and she runs everything else. We are just as committed to our business as we are to our family and we began to want a greater blend of both worlds and so the idea to move to Key Biscayne and open Randazzo’s Italian Seafood and Classics came to life.

The staple dishes that drew such a large following are still on the menu now with slightly newer names that pay homage to his inspiration for this new vision: his children and his business partner, local litigation attorney Paul Arcia.

Paul, Yesenia and Marc
Paul, Yesenia and Marc

Paul Arcia-Business Partner

While Marc and Yesenia are the soul of the restaurant, local attorney and businessman Paul Arcia is a key ingredient as he lends his business talent to the Randazzo’s team.

Paul began his career in the fashion industry in New York where he manufactured women’s jeanswear and sold it to Macy’s, Dillards, Nordstroms and other national department stores.

As the business grew, he opened a manufacturing plant in Barranquilla, Colombia and sold his product to Walmart and Target.

Paul left the fashion world in 2006, and followed his passion to become a lawyer in Miami. Today, Paul is very popular in the legal community.

Paul’s love for Italian food goes back to his days in New York eating in Little Italy with his Macy’s buyers and eating at neighborhood restaurants in Queens with his family.

Paul and the Randazzos are happy to share with you their memories of Italian food from New York and Chicago!